Our Services

ARCTIC V SECURITY PTE LTD provides guarding services for the following establishments:

  • Condominiums, Apartment Buildings and Residential Estates;
  • Private Houses and Large Bungalows;
  • Residence of foreign dignitaries;
  • Hi-Tech Commercial and Industrial Buildings;
  • Factories, warehouses and Construction Work-sites and workers dormitories;
  • Ships, Vessels and Barges;
  • Exhibitions, Conventions, Road Shows, Concerts and Carnivals;
  • Entertainment Outlets and Club Houses;
  • Educational Institutions;
  • Event Management, VIP Escort services.


ARCTIC V SECURITY PTE LTD has insured its employees, to ensure compensation for injuries suffered in the performance of their official security duties at all our worksites.

We are also insured with a Public Liability Insurance for S $ 1 million.


Our Operations Executives meet our clients regularly to eradicate problems on security matters to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services.

Our patrol officers conduct spot checks during the silent hours to ensure that our Security Officers are alert on duty.


Our Business Management framework has policies, processes and procedures to fulfil and achieve all tasks. It covers many aspects such Financial success, safe operation, quality, client relationships, legislative and regulatory conformance, etc.

Our main approach of the Business Management System includes the following steps:


Some of the elements of the Business Management are:

  • Leadership involvement and Responsibility
  • Compliance with Legal standards
  • Recruitment
  • Communication with all stakeholders
  • Risk Assessment
  • Proper documentation and records
  • Project Management
  • Operational Readiness
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Inspection and Maintenance of facilities
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Auditing

We, at Arctic V security Pte Ltd, will strive harder and attain many more achievements in order to build and maintain a strong and successful Business Management/Performance System.


ARCTIC V SECURITY PTE LTD will take care in selecting our security personnel before they are deployed at their respective assignments. Our personnel will be trained in security operations, loss and fire prevention and conversant with the skills standards prescribed by the Workforce Development Agency (WSA). ARCTIC V SECURITY PTE LTD would screen all its security personnel with the Police Licensing Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force for suitability for employment as security personnel.

A team of supervisory personnel comprising of mainly of experienced former police and army officers as well as experienced personnel from the private security agencies who are well equipped and trained in handling any kind of security emergencies are available round the clock. They also pay regular visits to all our assignments to ensure that our security personnel maintain a high level of discipline and carry out their duties meticulously.

Our Security personnel are also given on-site training once a month to equip them with the necessary knowledge to deal with the evolving security environment.

Our security personnel are given regular off days and are provided with meals when they are deployed alone


Arctic V Security Pte Ltd had implemented BCM to help and prepare our business operations build resilience and capability for an effective response to disruptions.

The objective was to safeguard and support the staff and customers. We also intend to implement solid continuity measures and recovery options to help customers restore critical functions in the event of a business disruption.

Being BCM-ready enables us to reassure all stakeholders, customers and the market that our operations will be able to continue to meet the needs.

BCM Framework

BCM focuses on pre-incident analysis and prevention, as well as response planning to disruptions.
It requires commitment and systematic review to ensure it remains relevant. All staff must be familiar with the plans and have the ability to execute. The BCM comprises of the following:

  • Risk Analysis and Review
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Test and Exercise
  • Programme Management

The following components needs to be incorporated:

  • Policies
  • Processes
  • People
  • Infrastructure

With the above framework guidelines, we are able to identify gaps through our day-to-day operations.