Security Technology

Our company ARCTIC V SECURITY PTE LTD is entering in to a new era in Security by adopting the latest Security Technology.

Our clients deserve the best possible service at a reasonable cost which we can provide without compromising performance level.  

Security business in Singapore is facing the following multiple challenges:

  1. COVID-19 has affected our security business as our Security Officers are front line workers in taking temperature, ensuring safe distancing etc.
  2. Businesses are affected severely due to COVID-19 with lots of businesses were closed or partially operate. Those clients operating partially have difficulty in payment of our security service charges.  
  3. The manpower resources are dwindling due to the existing of elderly Singaporeans who are the backbone of the workforce.
  4. The Security Officers salary keeps going up due to Progressive Work Model (PWM) which calls for salary increase from 2019 to 2024.
  5. The Clients are finding it extremely difficult to manage the ever-increasing cost of Security of their establishments.
  6. The anticipated inflow of youngsters into Security Officers job has achieved limited success.
  7. There is a 5% year-on-year growth in the need for Security due to the construction of new buildings which has added pressure on the already short supply of over 20,000 Security Officers.
  8. The Foreign manpower quota has been reduced significantly making the manpower shortage worse.

The Government of Singapore introduced Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and Industry Digitalization Plan (IDP) to help Security Agencies to manage the above challenges.

The ITM and IDP are meant to help the Security Agencies to reduce the dependency on manpower with the help of Security Technology.  

Lots of initiatives by the Govt. of Singapore in the past 10 over years has minimal effect in transformation of the Security Business to adopt Technology.

The adaptation is limited to the very basic technology like Visitor Management System (VMS), Electronic Clocking System, Video Analytics and Robotics. Though these technologies have helped to improve performance of Security Officers, it has not helped to reduce the manpower significantly.

We are entering into the next phase of Technology adoption using high end technologies like Video Analytics with Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things (IOT), License Plate Recognition (LPR), Face Recognition (FR) etc.

The major hurdle in introducing Security Technology is the resistance we face from the Service Buyers (Clients) as they are very skeptical of the performance capabilities of the technology.

Despite all the above constraints our company ARCTIC V SECURITY PTE LTD  is committed to adopt  Security Technologies integrated with Security manpower to maximize the productivity of Security manpower and help our clients to manage the current and future cost of security at a reasonable level.

The purpose of using different Software applications is to minimize the repetitive manual task of keep on recording the details of Visitors, Contractors, Incident reports, Defect reports, Patrolling reports etc.

Manual recording also gives room for mistakes, omissions and retrieval of old records is an uphill task.

Most of the time, our security officers are engaged in manually recording the above details which we are determined to remove from the task of our security officers which will drastically reduce the workload of our security officers.

We are moving from Head Count based contracts to Outcome Based Contracts (OBC) to provide the best possible combination of manpower and technology at manageable cost to our valued clients.

ARCTIC V SECURITY has come up with a unique approach of business segment wise Security Technology Solutions to give our clients the best combination of both Security Manpower and Security Technologies. 

Each segment-wise solution will have multiple technology components to achieve the best possible outcome.

The following are the main business segments we provide combined security solutions:

  1. Factories
  2. Commercial Buildings
  3. Warehouse & Logistics
  4. Condominiums
  5. Workers Dormitories

We have joined hands with AGARAM TECHNOLGIES PTE LTD as our Security Technology Partner to provide the relevant Security Technologies applicable to the specific business segments.

Our Technology combination includes the following:

  1. SOFTWARE: A mobile application which has multiple modules like Attendance Reporting System, Visitors & Contractors Management System, Patrolling/Guard Tour System, Incident Reporting System . Software for Crowd Control, Head Count/Crowd Control monitoring,
  2. TECHNOLOGIES: Video Analytics with Artificial Intelligence, Face Recognition System, License Plate Recognition System, Thermal Scanning for Temperature monitoring, Internet Of Things(IOT). Perimeter Protection System.

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